List of Artworks for Fall Auction 2009

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Tuesday, November 17, 2009 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 7:00 p.m. NST, Monday, November 16, 2009

1.Stewart MontgomerieWilderness near Renews
2.Stewart MontgomerieFreshwater Pond, Avalon
3.WalkerLower Calton
4.Eleanor WellsCar Slide in Winter
5.artist unknown(children in river)
6.Sutu(Parisian Street)
7.Sutu(Parisian Street)
8.T J Miron(Murray premises)
9.Fred CederbergReturn of the Snow
10.Gerald Ennis(fish flake and store)
11.Les GourleyBonne Bay
12.Sanna CarterAlpine Ridge
13.M Roth(winter landscape)
14.L OttenheimerStove
15.artist unknownDreams
16.artist unknownlittle girl
17.artist unknownChildren on Beach Bombay
18.Katherine MunroBattery
19.Katherine MunroLivingstone Street
20.Vernon StewartEarly Dawn
21.Katherine MunroVictoria Street
22.artist unknown(cat)
23.Cynthia NoelThe Battery
24.L LiveyStinky
25.Jon WilkinsonNew Entrance
26.Jim HensonMirage bed and other
27.Joe CarterLongliner construction
28.Frank LapointeInspector of pickled fish
29.Janis UdellCaptain R Bartlett
30.Harry S(3D wood)
31.Christopher PrattLabrador Sea
32.Christopher PrattLabrador Sea
33.Louise Markus(boat wrecked)
34.Don LaneQuidi Vidi Boat
35.Heidi OberheideFigure in landscape
36.L Ham(landscape)
37.Diane Stuckless(floral)
38.E.J. WarehamMummers
39.C HillLa Siesta
40.J C RoyPeter Pan
41.Henry Moore(six figures)
42.Robert GameAvalon Chart
43.Peter MaxxNight Flowers
44.Peter MaxxSunrise Flowers
46.artist unknownSunflowers
47.Sylvia BendzsaSpruce Trees and Island
48.artist unknownRow Houses
49.artist unknownCook Window
50.Carl StevensonArctic Loon
51.Cynthia NoelRed Cliff B bay
52.Katherine MunroFront Step
53.Christopher PrattLight Northeast
54.Jean-Claude Roy20k run
55.Catherine Karns Munngirl house
56.Katherine MunroWinter Rest
57.artist unknownAnne of Green Gables
58.Katherine MunroIceberg
59.Katherine MunroOutport
60.Mexican folk artBirds
61.artist unknown"Green Gables, PEI"
62.Katherine MunroFlatrock
63.David BlackwoodGreat Lost Party Adrift
64.Paul Parsons(man & boy)
65.Reginald ShepherdThe Old Candy Shop
66.Reginald ShepherdTower Archway
67.Reginald ShepherdFish Stage
68.Reginald ShepherdThe Sentinel
69.Reginald ShepherdAll Saints Church
70.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe feather
71.Helen Parsons ShepherdPink Paper
72.Helen Parsons Shepherd(girl with cat)
73.Jackie Gale VaillencourtMitts
74.Maude RobertsWater crashing
75.Joan LeDrewLovely Ladies
76.Derm DugganBoat Docking Trinity
77.E CoishStagg Harbour
78.Lloyd PrettySandy Cove
80.K SumanMisty Blue
81.Les GourleySailing Ship
82.Marjorie SnowWarm Memories Branch
83.artist unknownThe Heroic Dyese of Vertan
84.Frank LapointeWhat do you think of Jack
85.David BlackwoodPublished Biography
86.Anne Meredith BarryStill life with cat
87.artist unknowndishes
88.artist unknownWoods Candy Store
89.artist unknownW.J. Allison store
90.David BlackwoodCape Spear
91.J. B.Searus Emneacanthus
92.Heidi Oberheidesculpture
93.Mandy Jones(silk banner #1)
94.Mandy Jones(silk banner #2)
95.David BlackwoodErindale College
96.artist unknowntapestry
97.DH WarnerCat
98.Mary PrattAntiquity on Astroturf
99.HP MillerA Wish of Happiness
100.Gisela SannRoses from my Garden
101.HB Goodridge(buildings)
102.HB Goodridge(boat & mountain)
103.Reginald ShepherdOld School House Bristol's Hope
104.Reginald ShepherdRed privy
105.Reginald Shepherd(moored long liner)
106.Reginald ShepherdDog Sled
107.Reginald ShepherdInterludes
108.Reginald Shepherd(fishing room)
109.Reginald ShepherdQuiet morning Conception Bay
110.St. Michael's Print ShopDeck of Cards
111.St. Michael's Print ShopDeck of Cards (unopened)
112.M SteveBowl of Apples
113.AJ CassonRiver's Edge
114.Art Andrews
115.A. BrevisFruits
116.R Jorgenson(abstract)
117.Tish HollandCold Ocean of Newfoundland
118.Stewart MontgomerieGolden marsh
119.Brenda McClellenBlue
120.Julia Pickard(person in woods)
121.Gerald Squires(nude rowing)
122.Douglas Benezra(self-portrait)
123.Diana Dabinett(windsock fish #2)
124.artist unknown(geisha girl)
125.Les Gourley
126.booksArt of the 60's
127.Jon WilkinsonTizzards Harbour
128.Ted Stuckless(house)
129.artist unknownArt Books
130.Reginald ShepherdSquid Jigging
131.Helen Parsons ShepherdDog Berries
132.Diana DabinettPuffin
133.Reginald ShepherdOchre pitt Cove
134.Reginald Shepherd(boat karen)
135.Gerald SquiresChristmas 93
136.Rae Perlin
137.Richard ShortyOctopus
138.M ShawAunt Martha's Sheep
139.C Lohman(moon and trees)
140.C Peet(castle)
141.Ben Hansen"Torbay, NF"
142.Rhonda Clark(seashell)
143.Lindy CoadyBrigus Cottage
144.PD SmithEntrance to Ferryland
145.PD SmithCape Spear
146.Katherine Munro38 Bonaventure Ave
147.Christine DraupChurch Street Winsor
148.artist unknown
149.Mike WhitelawLivingstone Street
150.Art AndrewsPicture Plant
151.Susan McCormack-DunnSunset at Topsail
152.Anita SinghBee Flower
153.Phil Simms
154.Phil Simms
155.FH VarleyStormy Weather
156.Ted StucklessTo Greener Pastures
157.HB GoodridgeDhal Lake Casmere
158.HB Goodridge(landscape)
159.HB Goodridge(man pushing a shikara)
160.HB Goodridge(girl & cow)
161.Gord PikeWinter Warmth
162.Herb ArissVictorian Manners and Morals
163.Ben HaustieThe Hummingbird
164.Ji BillMoose
165.needlepoint (4 pc.)Flowers in a Vase
167.Jean BallExploits Gold
168.June FoleyJiggs Diner
169.Howe D HigginsWrecks of Wiscasset Maine
170.Kent PeytonOver the Pyramids
171.L PetersFriedelberg
172.Reginald Shepherd(old St. John's)
173.Marie Barry(green apples)
174.Sylvia BendzsaWaiting for the Fishery
175.EE Earles(2 trees)
176.artist unknown(still life flowers)
177.Claudia Dobson(Ivy & driftwood)
178.Rio(cabin & woods)
179.Cornileus KrieghoffWinter Landscape
180.Les NoseworthyCape Spear
181.Katherine MunroFlatrock
182.artist unknownCabot Tower
183.M WhitelawCape Spear

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