List of Artworks for Spring Auction 2009

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Thursday, May 14, 2009 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 7:00 a.m. NDT, Thursday, May 14, 2009

1.Stewart MontgomerieCaribou Cut
2.Alan StuttleEast Gate Chester
3.F. W. VarleyStormy Weather
4.Ruth DryerQuebec
5.Lise MontminyTue Birds
6.R. Jorgenson(abstract)
7.artist unknown(rocks)
8.Cliff GeorgeSketch of Jobe
9.Ed RocheNewfoundland outport
10.Anne Meredith BarryStill Life with Cat
11.Cathy Ross(fish)
12.Louise Markus(boat wrecked)
13.Eleanor Wells(floral)
14.Jon WilkinsonBrigus Night
15.Tom ForrestalCrow & House
16.Christopher PrattThe Lynx
17.Elaine Davis(St. John's house)
18.Christopher PrattPorch Light
19.Anne Meredith BarryApril March
20.Ben HansenThe Battery
21.Jon WilkinsonTizzard's Harbour
22.Ted Stuckless(house)
23.Agnes RicketScotty's Castle
24.Mahuka Crafts(5 birds)
25.O. Wilby(landscape)
26.artist unknown(children in river)
27.A. P. JosephFort Cochin
28.Berry(tall ship)
29.Moutray(battery - Signal Hill)
30.Deirdre McEwanTranquility #4
31.Joe CarterLongliner construction
32.Frank LapointeInspector of pickled fish
33.Janice UdellCaptain R. Bartlett
34.Harry S(3D wood)
35.Peter Walker(pump equipment)
36.Heidi OberheideFigure in landscape
37.Susan AtkinsWave
38.JODancing woman with fish
39.Brenda McClellanBlue
40.Julia Pickard(person in woods)
41.TurnerTurners Transept
42.Eleanor WellsCar Slide in Winter
43.Frank LapointeWhat Do You Think of Jack
44.Diana DabinettBullhead Lillies
45.Harold GoodridgeIn India
46.Harold GoodridgeCanna Lillies
47.Stewart MontgomerieLong's Hill
48.Jerry EvansMigration Cycles
49.David SilverbergTwo Orchids
50.World's Fair(framed fan)
51.Llewellyn Petley Jones(landscape, Richmond, England)
52.Reginald ShepherdSquid Jigging
55.casserole dish & china jug
56.salt & pepper - 2 pairs
57.Chinese porcelain bowl
58.Jean-Claude Roy20k run
59.Jean-Claude Roy(silkscreen)
60.Grenfell mat
61.Brenda McClellan(the Narrows)
62.Christopher PrattLabrador Sea (framed) with book
63.artist unknown(four masted schooner)
64.T. J. Miron(Murray premises)
66.J. Ford(greenery)
67.David BlackwoodPublished Biography
68.Jim Henson(day dreams)
69.Mary PrattCantaloupe
70.Lillian Causey(child with pig)
71.artist unknown(boat at dock)
72.A. J. CassonWinter on the Don
73.Alan StuttleThe River Dee, Chester
74.Lawrence(tall ships)
75.Tish HollandCold Ocean of Newfoundland
76.Christopher PrattHawke Bay (unframed)with book
77.Michelle BuschBirds
78.Christopher PrattMy 61
79.Toby GushueBack from fishing
80.Christopher PrattPrince Albert
81.Christopher PrattQueen Victoria
82.Many C.(teapot)
83.Many C.(wine bottles)
84.C. LehmanPioneers Cottage, Hahndorf
85.N. HornyanskyOut Post Old Fort Henry
86.Sanna CarterAlpine Ridge
87.H. ThornhillCaribou & Her Gallant Crew
88.Ray FennellyLar Crocker
89.WalkerLower Carlton
90.Roberta GreenWinter Landscape
91.Diana Dabinett(windsock fish #1)
92.Diana Dabinett(windsock fish #2)
93.Mandy Jones(silk banner #1)
94.Mandy Jones(silk banner #2)
95.Marc(English cottage)
96.Marc(English street)
97.Pam HallSea Dogs
98.Don LaneRyan Premises, Bonavista
99.Lloyd PrettyKinnington Cove
100.Nicholas HornyanskyLower Fort Garry
101.Edna WickensLa Salle Park
102.Frank LapointeEK to PP
103.Manny BuchheitBoreal Rhythms
104.artist unknownUnion 20
105.Stewart MontgomerieGolden Marsh
106.Christopher PrattLight Noreast
107.Imperial Economic Conf. 1932
108.Liz ReynoldsOnion
109.Julia Pickard(grey shadow)
110.Anne Meredith BarryStorm Front Lark Harbour
111.Don LaneQuidi Vidi Boat
112.artist unknownCapelin
113.Terry CrawfordHarbour View - Holloway Street
114.HLT(table & chair)
115.Jon WilkinsonNew Entrance
116.Christopher PrattCottage
117.Jim HensenMirrage bed and other ...(sic)
118.Katherine MunroPleasant Street
119.Heidi Oberheide(wool & macrame)
120.Diana DabinettPuffin
121.Jim HensenClassical Coup
122.I. GarvisCows
123.Clem CurtisFace in the Crowd
124.Gordon SladeBattle Harbour
125.Les NoseworthyCape Spear
126.Gerald SquiresWhere the Barrens Begin
127.David BlackwoodGreat Lost Party Adrift
128.Silver chest
129.Harold GoodridgeMiddle Cove
130.Harold GoodridgeLogy Bay
131.St. Michael's Print ShopDeck of Cards (unopened)
132.Jill RecherFriends
133.Margaret RyallPoppies
134.artist unknownWoods Candy Store
135.artist unknownW. J. Allison
136.artist unknown$2.00 bill
137.J. B.Searus Emneacanthus
138.Bill ReidHaida Grizzly
139.Jean BallYellow Belly & Railway
140.Katherine MunroSt. John's & Street (2 pieces)
141.St. Michael's Print ShopDeck of Cards
142.S. Reed(young girl by lake)
143.E. J. WarehamMummers in Harbour Mille
144.A. Y. JacksonAlgoma
145.M. Roth(winter landscape)
146.M. ShawAunt Martha's Sheep
147.G. KeoughFort Amherst
148.C. Lohman(moon and trees)
149.Rae Perlin(watercolour)
150.Rae Perlin(watercolour)
151.Gerald Squires(self portrait)
152.Gerald SquiresCorfu Harbour
153.J. F. Landsdowne(white bird)
154.Fred CederbergReturn of the Snow Goose
155.Deanne Burno(floral)
156.artist unknown(mountains)
157.Gerald Ennis(fish flake & stove)
158.Les GourleyBonne Bay
159.Douglas BenezraDouglas Benezra
160.Matt WakehamTo You My Love
161.artist unknownFlatrock Stages
162.Lustre Jug
163.Six Willow plates
164.Box of Art Books
165.Sutu(two Paris street scenes)
166."Silver" tray
167.Egyptian papyrus
168.Horizon magazines
169.Art of the 60's
170.Set of forks
171.Metropolitan Miniatures
172.Set of forks
173.Set of forks
174.Silver Chest
175.artist unknownBlasket Islands

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