Lists of Artworks for Fall Auction 2008

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Thursday, November 13, 2008 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church. The final list will be available at the venue on Thursday.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 5:00 a.m. NST, Thursday, November 13, 2008

1.David MugfordOld Motorboat
2.Joan B. Thistle(stump)
3.artist unknown(Mediterranean scene)
4.Elizabeth V. DillonHome Sweet Home
5.D. FosterBeloved Voice
6.J. Mackey(yellow sky, black coat)
7.artist unknown(cabin)
8.artist unknown(tapestry)
9.artist unknown(hands)
10.Picasso(flowers) poster
11.Jon WilkinsonSnow on the Arm
12.Jon WilkinsonTizzards Harbour
13.Jon Wilkinson(Brigus house)
14.HollowayCookup on the Humber
15.artist unknownAllright PL.2.
16.B. F. GribblePast and Present
17.Huang YoungyuLotus water birds
18.JohnShip on Black
19.SMA(orange & yellow flowers)
20.Janice MillerInuit child
21.artist unknown(river)
22.Arpique(cliff & cove)
23.Godey'spage 1848
24.Godey'spage 1851
25.Ted StucklessMoving House
26.artist unknown(boat on dock)
27.A. J. CassonWinter on the Don
28.three posters
29.four posters
30.Map of the World
31.artist unknownPapyrus
32.Robert GameAvalon Chart
33.Satomi(Oriental landscape)
34.Don LaneRose Blanche
35.Alex ColvilleMoon and Cow
36.artist unknownOpportunity
37.Peter MaxxNight Flowers
38.Peter MaxxSunrise Flowers
39.Scott GoudieAfter the Storm
40.Ray FennellyLar Crocker
41.WalkerLower Carlton
42.Roberta Green(winter scene with sheds)
43.Sylvia BendzsaPony Ride
44.Manny BuchheitBoreal Rhythms, Terra Nova
45.Ron PelleyChristmas Morning
46.Gerald SquiresJohn the Baptist
47.Gerald SquiresBerry Head
48.Janice UdellFruit
49.Jerry EvansCycles
50.David BlackwoodTrafalgar Veteran
51.Silver plate tray
52.Silver plate fruit bowl
53.Silver plate p/s shakers
54.Margaret Miles-CadmanHouses at Grantchester
55.Silver plate gravy boat with saucer
56.Sterling cream & sugar
57.Silver plate pedestal dish
58.Aizpiri(church front)
59.Victorian green glass vase
60.Four silver serving spoons
61.David BlackwoodFloral
62.Felix Vallottonposter
63.J. Hardelinriver landscape in gold
64.Marilyn Janesmountains
65.artist unknownMaligne Lake, Jasper
66.Christopher PrattLight Northeast
67.Louis ChiarmonteFrancois
68.Kathleen KnowlingColumbine
70.Bernice Blake(boat)
71.Alan SuttieThe River Dee, Chester
72.artist unknowntall ships
73.Ben HansenThe Battery
74.Jean-Claude Roy(sailboat)
75.MacDonaldThe Solemn Land
76.J. Gregory(farm scene)
77.artist unknown(courtyard scene)
78.artist unknownTutenkamon
79.Liz ReynoldsCarrefour de Village
80.David BlackwoodErindale College
81.C. Manning(boy fishing)
82.G. Fertin(autumn woods)
83.Reginald ShepherdBrigus
84.TurnerTurners Transept of ...
85.Eleanor WellsCar Slide in Winter
86.Harold GoodridgeIn India
87.Don LaneRyan Premises, Bonavista
88.Reginald ShepherdSnow & Black Crows
89.W. J. W.(shed & boats)
90.Beth(water & trees)
91.B. Wood(winter)
92.artist unknown(pansies)
94.Les Gourley(harbour scene)
95.RugglesEleanor Roosevelt et al
96.A. H.(pitcher plant)
97.Henry Moore(abstract figures)
98.Lorne RostotskiWorshipping Birch
99.Les GourleyThe Narrows
100.Tish Holland(reeds)
101.Grenfell mat(Newfoundland)
102.Grenfell mat(landscape)
103.Brent LaycockOff the East Coast
104.Peter RobertsSt. Phillips Anglican Church
105.Matt WakehamTo You My Love
106.Jerry EvansCaribou Skulls
107.Jerry EvansWind
108.Russ MarshallMoored
109.Julia PickardMagdalen
110.Danielle Loranger(mother & child)
112.artist unknown(puffins)
113.artist unknownBrussels
114.Alastair MacdonaldQueen's College
115.Stephanie EdwardsEyes ...
116.Audrey Feltham(abstract)
117.A. M. Nie(seal sculpture)
118.artist unknown(two-bird sculpture)
119.artist unknownwhalebone face
120.Tish HollandCasting for Capelin
121.Tish HollandThe Cold Ocean
122.Les GourleyBonne Bay
123.Les GourleyTrout River
124.artist unknownFlatrock Stages
125.Christopher PeetDown Home
126.Gerald SquiresTomorrow Will Be Sunday poster
127.Kuhlberg1 Corinthians
128.SpaldingLake Louise
129.ParsonsPetries Point
130.artist unknown(flowers)
131.artist unknownResolute Bay
132.Tom DaweSkiff in Cove
133.E. BealePeggy's Cove Lighthouse
134.Janice UdellVenus in the Fields
135.artist unknown(Newfoundland coast)
136.E. Munay(monoprint in blue & yellow)
137.A. Oliveira(Portuguese coast)
138.artist unknownCinnyrus (pair of works)
139.artist unknown(blue ocean, green islands)
140.Liz ReynoldsCrazy Quilt
141.E. Munay(figure on blue)
142.E. Munay(abstract in browns)
143.Margaret Miles-CadmanWhite horse
144.Margaret Miles-CadmanQuidi Vidi
145.Barbel TidwellViva Violin
146.artist unknown(abstract in pink)

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