Lists of Artworks for Fall Auction 2007

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Thursday, November 15, 2007 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 7:00 p.m. NST, Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2007

1.Grant BolandSunday
2.artist unknownQuebec
3.(chop)(Oriental birds)
5.BrayerCheveux dans la Canargue
7.N. Vincent(ducks)
8.J. Stalker(trees in winter)
9.Margaret Summers(lake and hills)
10.Margaret Summers(narrows)
11.artist unknown(seacoast with waves)
12.WPGrey's Inn Garden 1770
13.Hablot BrowneWells Cathedral 1837
14.Donna Clouston(gull and punt)
15.Mary Powell(untitled)
16.Mary Powell(untitled)
17.Marion Mathews(untitled)
18.CR Price(covered bridge)
19.SkeryThe Hall Oriel College 1874
20.Tho H ShepherdThe Mint Tower Hill
21.S MacKenzieTrinity College 1838
22.Stone(tree 1)
23.Stone(tree 2)
24.Stone(tree 3)
25.Stone(tree 4)
26.B TiskerDancing Children
27.W. F. Summers(stalks)
28.Zellie(two fishermen)
30.FJC(2 boats)
32.E. Deleon(metropolitan street scene)
34.Neul(harbour scene)
35.Frank LapointeFor Sale
36.Jon WilkinsonParade Day
37.John PetrellaResponsibility
38.John PetrellaEarly Morning Mist
39.Reginald ShepherdSlipway Port de Grave
40.Reginald ShepherdQuiet Morning C. Bay
41.David Blackwood(floral)
42.Betty SummersWharf
43.David(forest scene)
45.W. F. Summers(stump)
46.H. Polt(ships)
47.JH(autumn scene)
48.L. Stanio(European scene)
49.ChanSan Francisco
50.Alice MahonSpring sunshine
51.Lloyd PrettyIsland Home
52.Eleanor WellsSunshine Hay
53.Reginald ShepherdMending the Cod Trap 12/50
54.Reginald ShepherdOff Cape St. Francis
55.JanetGreen Gables
56.Gerald ParaghamianOn the waterfront Vancouver
57.artist unknown(set of botanicals)
58.WH Boot WatersonKing's College
59.artist unknown(4 florals)
60.artist unknown(4 stamps 1 frame)
61.Diana DabinettViolets
62.Sylvia Bendsza(untitled)
63.artist unknown(4 etchings in frame)
64.Christopher PrattOn Water Street
65.W. F. Summers(autumn scene 2 works)
66.A. Crawford(canoe with people)
67.R. Taylor(farm houses)
70.artist unknown(dogsled with people)
71.Margaret Summers(cove)
72.David BlackwoodErindale College
73.Tish HollandCasting for Caplin
74.Gerry SquiresMagistrates Hill Brigus
75.Stewart Montgomerie(landscape)
76.Stewart Montgomerie(landscape)
77.Henry Moore(abstract)
78.Mark Rusinski(trebleclef)
79.Stan NovakIt's a Shoe In
80.C BaldwinSous la Fort Quebec
81.artist unknown(birds) (horses)
82.Daniel Manzanarez(mixed)
83.ZAIAD(coliseum Rome)
84.LananoPiazza di Spagna
85.Lloyd PrettySandy Point
86.Jenny DunnHibiscus
87.Jill WalkerLower Carlton
88.Doris SaundersInuit hunter
89.Reginald ShepherdBlow-me-down Cove
90.Reginald Shepherd(trees by a pond)
91.DaSousa(4 works)
92.(chop)(two birds)
93.artist unknown(two birds)
94.artist unknown(two birds)
95.A. J. CassonGreen tipped Teal
96.Bill RoseHouse - Flatrock
97.Van GoghSunflowers
98.Janice UdellCarafe
99.Jerry EvansJunipers with Erratics
100.GameAvalon Chart
101.A Feltham(abstract)
102.Reginald ShepherdThe Store
103.Gerald ManetRed House
104.Arkor Henderson(sheep and trees)
105.M. C. BernardTo Phyllis
106.T. WebbBirds
107.MC ArmstrongDoorways in San Miquel
108.Muriel LudlowBlue Trees
109.H. Butel(winter scene)
110.MediaGreen Trees
111.artist unknownLighthouse
112.L. Milne(waterfall)
113.Trevot LawrenceStreet New Orleans
114.Ignacia Ramivez(mixed)
115.A. TompsonSpawning Salmon
117.artist unknown(boat scene)
118.T WynstraBoats in Holland
119.Mary BealeDutch windmill
120.Edna WickensLaSalle Park
121.M. SummersBoats (two works)
122.David BlackwoodWesleyville from Badger's Quay
123.artist unknown(2 flowers with butterfly) 1850
124.artist unknown(woman in black)
125.K. KnowlingCoast
126.artist unknown(green leaves)
127.E CoishStag Harbour
128.D ArnoldConfederation Square Ottawa
129.Forest James StewartSt. Andrews
130.P Chan(untitled)
131.Carl Stevenson(egg in shot glass)
132.G BrannonRyde Isle of Wight
133.Reginald ShepherdTrees
134.Stewart Montgomerie(landscape)
135.Stewart Montgomerie(landscape)
136.Helen Parsons ShepherdCocktails
137.Ruth FriedmannBerlin
138.Alice KennedyLake
139.K. HongRiver
140.Helen Parsons ShepherdStill Life
141.R. Hatton(schooner)
142.artist unknown(islands)
143.Sam Ash(4 birds)
144.A. JonloHolland
145.artist unknown(Caribbean scene)
146.C. ParloRiver
147.Derm DugganTrinity
148.J Cross(house in snow)
149.Ted HarrisonHarrison at Hollander York
150.Ted HarrisonHarrison at Hollander York
151.Jon Wilkinson(rocks)
152.Jon Wilkinson(keys)
153.Christine DracupThe swans at Windsor
154.F MacKenzieCaius College Cambridge 1841
156.Roberta Green(the barn)
157.Ray FennellyLar Crocker
158.W forest/ DM MCKenzieThe St. Fillan Games
159.(chop)(three Irises and frog)
160.artist unknownManhattan Indians
161.artist unknown(flower with butterfly)
162.K MunroThe Narrows
163.Lloyd Pretty(house in snow)
164.Carl StevensonRennies River trail
165.John ColletteCarolina Sunset
166.John ColletteGloucester Morning
167.artist unknown(sailboat)
168.A. OliveirtWoman with jug
169.Conrad Furey(man in boat)
170.artist unknown(two tall ships) (2 works)
171.Cynthia NoelAnglican Cathedral
172.D. S. AyreAugust Day

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