List of Artworks for Spring Auction 2014

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Thursday, May 1, 2014 at 7 p.m.; Holiday Inn, Portugal Cove Road.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 10:00 p.m. NDT, Sunday, April 27, 2014

1.Stewart MontgomerieMorning Pond
2.Donna CloustonBonavista
3.Lise Sorensen(sea urchins)
4.Vessela BrakalovaCat #1
5.Sheilagh HarveyJean Lake Trial III
7.Anthony BartonFrog at Kew
8.H. Seibert & Bro.Scene ... Harbour Grace Tragedy
9.Shawn McNevinSilent Giants III
10.Hilda KlagesLong Reach, NB
11.Linda Hawkins(lake)
12.Ollie DavisNan's Sewing Machine
13.Emily MussellsTwo Girls from Nain
14.Carl StevensonCitrus and Melon
15.Cliff GeorgeBlueberries
17.M. Young Hwa Hwong(crocuses)
18.Rita MacKenzieNear Hibbs Cove
19.Bill Rose(boat in winter)
20.Margaret Miles Cadman(leaves)
21.Heidi Oberhiede(abstract)
22.Richard SteeleCanterbury Road
23.John SnowMoraine Lake - Banff
24.O. Lys(floral)
25.M. Roth(winter scene)
26.C. BartlettLightpost
27.Mitzi Pappas Smith(floral)
28.S. GilbertIris; Trilliun
29.Reginald ShepherdThe Whale #2
30.Frank LaPointeCasting Caplin
31.Don Wright(beach stuff)
32.Kathleen Knowling(abstract)
33.Peter BellFerns Love
34.David BlackwoodCaptain Lew Kean Passing
35.Barbie PrattGirl with Cloth
36.J. C. RoyBack Gardens of St. John's
37.Jerry EvansLiving Spirits
38.Reginald Shepherd(boats and boy on beach)
39.Scott GoudiePratt's Pool, Eagle River
40.Christopher PrattWall Facing West
41.A. E. HarrisGreenland Cupids, Newfoundland
42.Anne Meredith BarryNewfoundland Pond
43.Richard DavisThe Shelter
44.Frank LaPointeWinter
45.Reginald ShepherdThe Crow
46.Les GourleyFlyby Southern Shore
47.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Feather
48.Cliff GeorgeTorbay
49.SJZygopetalum MacKay
50.Kathleen Knowling(abstract)
51.Ken Power(midnight on the coast)
52.David BlackwoodSS Imogene with Crew on Ice
53.Carl Stevenson(cod jigger)
54.Christopher PrattHawke's Bay
55.Franklin(still life with fruits)
56.Reginald ShepherdThe Rock #1
57.Reginald Shepherd(dark street)
58.Reginald ShepherdHazy Day Conception Bay
59.Ted StucklessThe Old Oil Sheds, Twillingate
60.Christopher PrattLilac and Copper Beech
61.Jim MillerSons & Brothers Horizons
62.Pierre Manzone(young girl)
63.Scott GoudieMasonic Terrace
64.Christopher PrattEaster At My Aunt's
65.Mary PrattCabbage, Carton and Cat
66.Don WrightTommy's Tree
67.Frank LaPointeLong Enough Among the Rocks
68.Julia Pickard(abstract - sea study)
69.Gerry SquiresCape Spear Barrens
70.Christopher PrattOn Water Street
71.J. C. RoyTors Cove
72.Reginald Shepherd(boat on a wharf)
73.Kathleen Knowling(floral)
74.Ted HarrisonKluane National Park, Yukon
75.Barbie PrattLady in a Veil
76.Ian Sparkes(jug and shaving brush)
77.Reginald ShepherdQuiet Morning Conception Bay
78.Joan Noonan(main street)
79.David BlackwoodErindale College
80.N. CharapovaTulips #4
81.Peggy PillingsReflections
82.Rae PerlinPortuguese Sails
83.Christopher PrattJubilee Piece
84.Sharon PuddisterThe Line Up
85.Bruman/RynningThe Edge The Rock
86.Fan McNeilAt Petty Harbour
87.Fan McNeil(landscape)
88.Richard SteeleThe Chore
89.Sheila Lynch(blueberries)
90.Ian SparkesMobile
91.George JarvisGander Lake
92.Brenda McClellan(street in winter)
93.Christopher PrattMy Sixty-one
94.Paul Parsons(boy with guitar)
95.SH(floral) 4 pieces
96.Nath Noel(salmon)
97.Rae PerlinLobster
98.Frank LaPointeLandscape at Dawn
99.Alistair Drysdale(rocky shoreline)
100.Christopher PrattOcean Racer
101.Archie BeaulieuGoing North Common Loon
102.Don WrightSkate
103.Ray MackieRock Face Gull Pond
104.Michel Delacroix(town scene)
105.John SnowSt. Michel
106.C. Canning(river and mountains)
107.C. Canning(cabin on a lake)
108.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Ring
109.Pierre Manzone(young girl with hat and flowers)
110.Fred Stizer(horses heads)
111.JM(4 landscapes)
112.R. Fitzgerald(boat and boy)
113.Tony EvansSerenity
114.Tony EvansTranquillity
115.artist unknown(blueberry pickers)
116.A. McCarthy(washstand)
117.L. Comella(floral)
118.artist unknown(3 masted schooner)
119.James Curry III(crane)
120.Reginald ShepherdTrees
121.Rae PerlinCat
122.Mary Pratt(calendar)
123.John Snow(roses)
124.Jennifer DicksonThe Lost Garden - Chatsworth
125.Roger Aldworth(seascape)
126.Fan McNeil(dories on a beach)
127.Fan McNeilCove
128.Kathleen Knowling(tree)
129.M. Young Hwa HwongBlood Root Trout Lilly in Woods
130.Elizabeth Burry(church in town)
131.Ray Mackie(sailboat)
132.J. MasseyDa Man
133.Glenn RabenaSwallow
134.Charlotte McKneeRaasay from the White Dyke
135.P. Delvaux(railway station with semi-nude)
136.Martha Helen Williams(fall landscape)
137.E. Guerrero(village scene)
138.Richard SteeleMercy Girls, Forever
139.Michel Delacroix(horses marching)
140.Reinhard(violins and cello)
141.Kathleen SellersNest
142.Robert Wood(seascape)
144.artist unknown(seascape)
145.Cecil DayStones
146.Wilfred R. Wood(town)
147.Helen V. PiddingtonMandora
148.Helen V. PiddingtonYar
149.R. M. AlexanderHe Swings His Heavy ...
150.B. Best(floral)
151.Jack WisePink Moss
152.M. Chuna(trees)
154.A. BrumanThe Desert Bird
155.A. Bruman(bird drawing)
156.Puspa Rou(figures)
157.R. M. GrahamThe Far Shore
158.artist unknown(blue landscape)
159.artist unknown(foil in wax)
160.artist unknown(Tapa cloth)
161a.Les GourleySt. John's Harbour
161b.Les GourleyThe Narrows, St. John's
161c.Les GourleyPort De Grave, NFLD
162a.Les GourleyThe Narrows, St. John's
162b.Les GourleyTrout River
162c.Les GourleyBonne Bay

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