List of Artworks for Fall Auction 2013

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Tuesday, October 8, 2013 at 7 p.m.; Holiday Inn, Portugal Cove Road.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 3:00 p.m. NDT, Friday, October 4, 2013

1.Stewart Montgomerie(Avalon wilderness)
2.Donna CloustonBonavista
3.Sylvia CullumDuckworth Street, St. John's
4.Sylvia CullumThe Courthouse, St. John's
5.Marilyn Dodd(hats in a row)
6.Marilyn DoddPop's Cellar in Norris Arm
7.Phyllis RennieRed Flowers
8.Hubert Smith(church)
9.Paul ParsonsYoung Lovers
10.Les GourleyFlyby Southern Shore
11.Reginald ShepherdConnors
12.Reginald Shepherd(abstract)
13.Scott GoudieEastview
14.Donna CloustonIn the Pink
15.Reginald ShepherdTrees
16.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Blue Door
17.Wally Brants(riverscape)
18.Frank LaPointeCasting Caplin
19.Jim MillerSons and Brothers Horizon
20.Mary PrattCookie Hearts and Candy Delights
21.Christopher PrattOn Water Street
22.David BlackwoodSurvivor Drifting
23.artist unknownmap - NF & Nova Scotia 1811
24.artist unknownmap - L'Isle de Terre-Neuve
25.Ted StucklessThe Old Oil Sheds Twillingate
26.Jacob KennedySalvage
27.Scott GoudieBlack Head County Clare
28.Reginald ShepherdHazy Day Conception Bay
29.Reginald ShepherdBacon Cove
30.Barbie PrattLady in a Veil
31.George Murphy(blueberries)
32.Gerald SquiresFerryland Lighthouse
33.Mary Pratt(woman in wedding gown)
34.Ed Roche(skiffs tied to wharf)
35.Sylvia CullumOutport, Newfoundland
36.Sylvia CullumThe Battery
37.Sylvia CullumBoat Island
38.Mary PrattCabbage Carton and Cat
39.Scott GoudieMulcoya, crystal fog, Cape Dorset
40.Reginald ShepherdDrifting Bergs #1
41.Reginald ShepherdThe Crow
42.Christopher PrattBoat in Sand
43.Helen Parsons ShepherdHappy Jacks Wash Stand
44.Frank LaPointeWinter
45.Les Gourley(St. John's Harbour)
46.Bill RitchieOokpik the Believer
47.Ian SparkesMobile, NFLD
48.Reginald Shepherd(farm on rolling hills)
49.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Card Game
50.Scott GoudieNorthern Labrador
51.Colin MacneeThe World as of St. Michael's
52.Gary KennedyBad Boy
53.Stewart Montgomerie(field of yellow)
54.Marilyn DoddCash's Indian Water Street
55.Christopher PrattEaster at my Aunt's
56.Christopher PrattRegina Victoria
57.Christopher PrattPrince Albert
58.Jon WilkinsonWhen She Shines
59.David BlackwoodSignal Hill
60.Reginald Shepherd(berries)
61.Reginald ShepherdHibbs Hole
62.Mary PrattTulips
63.Bill Rose(boats tied up in winter)
64.Scott GoudieChain Bridge Falls ...
65.Helen Parsons ShepherdDaisies
66.Anne Meredith BarryClouds #1
67.Christine Tizzard(pink house)
68.Susan WoodDreaming of a Wall of Shells
69.Kathleen Knowling(waterscape)
70.Rae Perlin(abstract)
71.Danielle LeRanger(nude with leaves)
72.Barbie PrattGirl with Cloth
73.Sheila Lynch(blueberries)
74.Noreen MaherFragmented Fishery
75.Else RennieBoats in the Harbour
76.Phyllis RennieBabbling Brook
77.Constance CardGros Morn Table Lands
78.Jean Ball(Yellow Belly Row)
79.Pam HallSea Dogs
80.Cecil DayStarlings on Chimney Pots
81.Michelle WhittenBeguiling Bogonia
82.Anne Meredith BarryTowards the Narrows
83.Mary Pratt(calendar)
84.Pat Ryan(wash jug and clothes)
85.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Feather
86.Joan Noonan ShortJulia
87.Reginald ShepherdDrawing for the Raven
88.Scott GoudieLooking East ...
89.Gerald Squires(riverscape)
90.Doug Inkster(St. John's waterfront)
91.Les GourleyNear Chapel Arm
92.Reginald ShepherdAvondale Station
93.Richard SteeleCanterbury Row
94.Maud Lewis(winterscape)
95.David BlackwoodPoster for Erindale
96.Christopher PrattFront Room
97.Joshpie(bird sculpture)
98.artist unknown(face sculpture)
99.Archie BeaulieuSoftly Howl
100.Piteloosi SailaMan Harnessing Dog
101.Wayne Maloney(whales)
102.Scott Parsons(cod fish)
103.David BlackwoodBeautiful Young Mummer ...
104.Lloyd Pretty(winter river)
105.Christopher PrattThe Stamp
106.artist unknownmap - Newfoundland May 1775
107.artist unknownmap - continental North America
108.Jim MillerMy Friend was a Sailor
109.Reginald ShepherdQuiet Morning Conception Bay
110.Reginald ShepherdDorset Street, Seven Oaks
111.Christopher PrattOcean Racer
112.T. F. Parsons(green moss)
113.Pfeif(Labrador tundra)
114.J. Snook(sunset)
116.Kelsey Power(butterfly in hand)
117.Noreen MaherParisian row houses
118.Michael HatcherA Winter Scene
119.Marilyn DoddQuiet Morning in Burin
120.Marilyn DoddSoft Landing
121.John MacLeod(seascape)
122.DP Brown(trees)
123.SH Parsons and Sons(St. John's Harbour)
124.Constance CardCabin Fever
125.Patricia Mooresculpture
126.artist unknownmap - NF & Nova Scotia
127.Sylvia CullumBrigus Harbour, Newfoundland
128.Ted StucklessSlipway, Durrells, Twillingate
129.David SilverbergThe Dance
130.David SilverbergTapis Person
131.Peter BellDominique Beach ...
132.J. Valdes(caribou)

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