List of Artworks for Spring Auction 2013

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Thursday, May 9, 2013 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 5:00 p.m. NDT, Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1.Stewart Montgomerie(landscape)
2A.artist unknown(house overlooking bay)
2B.artist unknown(house on a canal)
3.Vose(Paris street)
4.Ron Pelley(rocks leading to the sea)
5.M. CroweTough Tritycia 2
6.artist unknown(house on a cliff)
7.artist unknown(scorpion and wasp)
8.Charlotte Jones(two Irises)
9.Ben Gillard(Newfoundland Hotels)
10.H. Hamilton(two roses)
11.J. Fisher(seascape)
12.J. Spence(trees and water)
13.Donna CloustonIn the Pink
14.Joan Noonan(trees in the park)
15.C. Tizzard(pink house)
16.Hensen-RobitschekKing Lear Act III sc vii
17.Kath RutherfordSafe Sea
19.Wally Cobb(abstract)
20.LaneTrinity Bay Sunset
21.E. Stentaford(sunset on water)
22A.Edward J. Chaney(London theatre)
22B.Edward J. Chaney(Westminister Abbey)
22C.Edward J. Chaney(London parliament buildings)
23.Penelope WilanskySalvage
24.Darren Cranford(3 figures with orb)
25.Marc Chagall(man and woman on horse)
26.Paul SummerskillFisherman's house Cobb's Arm
27.Ann Meredith BarryClouds 2
28.Peter Roberts(ice island)
29.Archie BeaulieuLone Wolf
30.Les GourleyFlyby Southern Shore
31.David BlackwoodSignal Hill
32.Reginald ShepherdThe Fisherman
33.Scott GoudieTorngat Valley
34.Gerald SquiresAsh Wednesday
35.Janice UdellStill Life with Fruit
36.Reginald Shepherd(houses)
37.Christopher PrattEaster at my Aunt's
38.Surge ShellyCod
39A.C. Vincent(hammock; lantern)
39B.C. Vincent(kid's trike; headstone)
40.Virginia Miller(fisherman holding boat)
41.R. FitzgeraldBrigus Church
42A.Elena PopovaOcean gale in my Soul
42B.Elena PopovaCurrents
42C.Elena PopovaSometimes the sea is Red
43.Wally CobbGeorge Street
44.artist unknown(two birds)
45.Ed HollettSpiraling Passion
46.C. Peet(house)
47.Joan NoonanFantasy II
48.Reginald ShepherdAvondale Station
49.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Feather
50.Jon WilkinsonChurch Hill
51.Stephanie BakerTemperance Street
52.Lloyd PrettySandy pond with photo
53.Arthur de Sousa(lake and birch trees)
54.Darren Cranford(face in tree with cat and house)
55.Paul ParsonsPort de Grave, Nfld
56.Pablo Picasso(man smoking pipe)
57.Paul SummerskillRagged Point South Twillingate
58.Scott GoudieWater Street
59.Bill RoseWeasels ripped my Flesh
60.Christopher PrattVictoria Regina
61.Christopher PrattPrince Albert
62.Danielle Leranger(nude with leaves)
63.Florence Baird(face in leaves)
64.Stewart MontgomerieDurrells, Twillingate
65.Lloyd Pretty(winterscape)
66.David BlackwoodSurvivor Drifting
67.Barbara Pratt(girl's face)
68.Liz Reynolds(rocks)
69.Christopher PrattFront Room
70.Jacob Kennedy(Hibbs Cove)
71.Ian SparkesBay Bulls Nfld.
72.David BlackwoodGrenfell Rescued
73.Richard SteeleCanterbury Row
74.Janice UdellCarafe
75.artist unknown(man buying rope)
76.Les GourleyTrout River
77.Art Andrews(landscape)
78.Florange(elder Inuit with puppies)
79.artist unknownRemember the Caribou and ...
80.Brian Ball(crying woman with feather)
81.Sylvana Brown(crocuses)
82.A. Bonczak(minor drilling)
83.artist unknown(guy reading on tree stump)
84.Bill RitchieOokpik the Believer
85.Wally Cobb(house)
86.Stewart MontgomerieLookout
87.Joan NoonanStill Life with Fruit
88.Scott GoudieSandy Point, Salmonier River
89.Reginald ShepherdDispersions #2
90.Ian McAndrewFloe B
91.Gesner Clark(seascape)
92.Henry NapentokPoet Igloo
93.Nanogak(3 figures skipping rope)
94.Gary KennedyI Will Not Cheat
95.Reginald Shepherd(trees)
96.Margaret Morcum(house on shoreline)
97.David BlackwoodErindale College
98.Florence PippyFall Leaves
99.Donna CloustonThe Chickens Are Out
100.Mary PrattAn Offering
101.J. C. RoyCathedral Street
102.CMBThe Heliotrope Fairy
103.D. ArnoldConfederation Square, Ottawa
104.JanetGreen Gables
105.WH BartlettOld BAAL Bridge Limerick
106.George ChambersThe Britannia entering Portsmouth
107.Reginald ShepherdFishing Premises Bay Roberts
108.Christopher PrattOn Water Street
109.Robert Doares(landscape)
110.G. TracyCabot Tower
111.Marcus GosseKeep NL Alive
112.Peter BellDream of Douglas Beach Dominica
113.David BlackwoodSearch Party at Sea
114.David Blackwoodbook - Wake of the Great Sealers
115.artist unknownCaribou Reefer - photo
116.Wally Cobb(houses)
117.Sheila Lynch(yellow house)
118.J. C. RoyBarron Street
119.Scott GoudieNorthern Labrador
120.Reginald Shepherd(church and houses)
121.artist unknownPepsi tray
122.CMBThe Candytuft Fairy
123.George Chambers(tall ships)
124.artist unknown(3 masted tall ship)
125.WH BartlettCove of Cork
126.Rod HandMummers in Quidi Vidi
127.KG(hills and sea)
128.artist unknown(trees on a lake)
129.AV Olsen(abstract)
130.AV Olsen(abstract)
131.artist unknown(tall ship - wood inlaid)
132.Joan Noonan(living room)
133.artist unknown(wine bottle and glasses)
134.Baibas(house overlooking bay)
135.Denise GrankowskaFort William c1830
136.Wally Cobb(abstract)
137.artist unknownCowboy Poetry gathering
138.Bruce MuirDominion of the Orca
139.E. Capuldo(cherubs)
140.artist unknown(birds)
141.artist unknown(birds)
142.B. Tower(blue bird)
143.Ben HansenNorman's Cove, Nfld
144A.artist unknown(Inuit child - tapestry)
144B.artist unknown(Inuit child - tapestry)
144C.artist unknown(Inuit child - tapestry)
144D.artist unknown(Inuit child - tapestry)
145.Corinne HartleyKitty Love
146.Corinne HartleyHay Ride
147.artist unknown(vase)
148.artist unknown(vase)
149.artist unknown(photo of Roy Rogers)
150.M. Knicles(tapestry)
151.artist unknowncarved head

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