List of Artworks for Fall Auction 2012

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Thursday, October 18, 2012 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 11:00 p.m. NDT, Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1.Stewart Montgomerie(landscape)
2A.D. Sheppard(Newfoundland scene)
2B.D. Sheppard(Newfoundland scene)
3.A. White(sunflower)
4.B. Wood(lupins)
5.Sara J. Bass(white rhododendron)
6.Ruby LeRiche BeaumontGaurdian
7.Sally Oldwell FisherDecorating the Wharf
8.Xiomara HolguinLa Famila Cologratics
9.EC(birds in winter)
10.Walter Miller(lake and trees)
11.artist unknownOutport schooners ...
12.Carl Lohman(moon over tree)
13.Brendan FoleyStained Glass
14.Richard SteeleYuletide Season
15.Roy HannanScademia
16.O'Mar(boat and wharf)
17A.G. TracySt. John's Harbour early 1900's
17B.G. TracyEast End Waterfront
17C.G. TracySt. John's Harbour
17D.G. TracyThe Battery ...
18.artist unknownL'Alphabet Hieroglyphique
19.Ortiz(charcoal drawing)
20.Reginald ShepherdA Hazy Day Conception Bay
21.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Feather
22.Scott GoudieSandy Point Salmonier River
23.Joan Noonan(church)
24.Gerald SquiresFerryland Downs No. 4
25.Catherine Karns MunnWinterholme
26.Scott GoudieGarrison Hill
27.Sheila Coultas(landscape)
28.Les GourleyThe Narrows
29.Rae PerlinThe Church
30.David BlackwoodSealer's Dream: Family
31.Paul SummerskillRagged Point South Twillingate
32.Ron PelleyBillet and Axe
33.Florence PippyFalling Leaves
34.Elena Popova(abstract)
35.Christopher NewhookOn the Labrador Barrons
36.Scott GoudieSalmonier River
37.Stewart MontgomerieDurrell's Twillingate
38.Lloyd Pretty(river scene)
39.Christopher PrattVictoria Regina
40.Christopher PrattPrince Albert
41.Les GourleyFlyby Southern Shore
42.Scott GoudieMuskrat Falls
43.Gerry EvansMigration Cycles
44.Cliff GeorgeOff Livingston Street
45.Reginald ShepherdTrees
46.Helen Parsons ShepherdHappy Jack's Wash Stand
47.Scott GoudieHome Pool Forteau
48.Joan NoonanCowskull
49.Gerald SquiresApril Morning
50.Bill RoseStand Back and Squint
51.Archie BeaulieuLone Wolf
52.Les GourleyNarrows St. John's
53.Christopher Pratt(nude)
54.Ed Roche(boats in snow)
55.Reginald ShepherdThe Crow
56.Scott GoudieRennies River Above Herder Bridge
57.Sylvia BendzsaFive Cheetas
58.Isle Hughes(autumn trees)
59.Bill RitchieOotpik the Believer
60.Christopher PrattFront Room
61.Lorne BishopNocturne
62.Peggy TremblettAll This Fog
63.Stewart MontgomerieThe Barking Pot
64.Christopher PrattJubilee Piece
65.J. C. RoyBoat Discharging Fish
66.David BlackwoodSurvivor Drifting
67.Paul SummerskillFisherman's House Cobb's Arm
68.Donna CloustonIn the Pink
69.Jacob Kennedy(Hibbs Cove)
70.Ron PelleySalmon Fillet
71.Louise Saunders(floral)
72.artist unknown(blue rose)
73.A. Blackie(seascape with rocks)
74.Art AndrewsOn the Witless Bay Line
75.Paul ParsonsCitizen of the Sea
76.Gerald SquiresIn India
78.Scott GoudieNear Colinet
79.Barbara PrattGirl with Cloth
80.Dave Hoddinott(view of Conception Bay)
81.Reginald ShepherdA Quiet Morning Conception Bay
82.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Blue Door
83.Scott GoudieMoving Day Rennies Mill Road
84.Christopher PrattEaster at My Aunt's
85.Robert BatemanSnow Leopard
86.Christine Tizzard(pink house)
87.Ann Meredith BarryWind from the Sea
88.Gerard McNivenMystical Homestead
89.Ed RocheManuel Premises Exploits Island
90.Ted Stuckless(boat and store)
91.Richard SteeleCanterbury Road
92.Peter RageeCape Dorset
93.Lloyd Pretty(waves)
94.J. C. RoyBarron Street
95.Tony PowerStre
96.Reginald ShepherdThe Sentinel
97.Gerald SquiresNewfoundland
98.Peter BellDream of Douglas Beach Dominica
99.Ian Sparkes(horseless carriage)
100.David BlackwoodWreck of the SS Ranger ...
101.Joan NoonanChurch Hill
102.Danielle Leranger(nude with leaves)
103.Jackie Evans(Britney Spaniel pup)
104.Emilio(boy on rocking horse)
105.Emilio(girl on trike)
106.Ron PelleyBucket and Beach
107.Wayne GeorgeAshore
108.Tish Holland(sea grass)
109.C. J. ReidCrescent
110.Joan Blackmore ThistleQuidi Vidi Gut
111.K NewmanQuidi Vidi Village
112.R. Smith(purple lilly)
113.M. Sooley(fruit on a branch)
115.Florence PinhornPartridge Berries
116.Joan NoonanAutumn
117.Art AndrewsHants Harbour
118.Norman RockwellTea for Two
119.artist unknown(Egyptian papyrus)
120.Carl Stevenson(Signal Hill)
121.Bill RoseWeasels Ripped My Flesh
122.Jacob Kennedy(seascape)
123.David BlackwoodSearch Party at Sea
124.Sheila LynchYellow House
126.M. ConlinThree Snakes
127.Barry ColeSunflower
128.E. E. Earle(fall trees)
129.Randy Blagdon(garden, fence, and water)
130.Sheila O'Leary(nude photo)
131.Reginald ShepherdKirk in Winter
132.Reginald ShepherdAvondale Station
133.Lloyd PrettyMarion
134.J. C. Roy(Cathedral Street)
135.Stewart MontgomerieLookout
136.Arthur Kaplan(Napoli)
137.artist unknown(cabins in the woods)
138.Katherine MunroThe Narrows
139.B. J. BrownShades of the Past
140.Isle HughesArtist with Model
141.Kai-Riis McInnesCascade of Colour
142.Paul ParsonsKid and Mother
143.Manny BuchheitCollier's River
144.Manny BuchheitWet Rocks and Kelp
145.Bev ByerleyOh Newfoundland
146.Molina(Garden of Eden)
147.Joan Noonan(landscape)
148.artist unknown(woman reading)
149.artist unknown(floral)
150.artist unknown(woman with rose)
151.Jackie Gale VallencourtTime for Tea
152A.Vic GibbonsPort Dover
152B.Vic Gibbons(stags)
152C.Vic Gibbons(racoons)
152D.Vic Gibbons(horses pulling sled - winter)
152E.Vic Gibbons(horses pulling sled)
152F.Vic Gibbons(fox)
153.Kathline KwasmewskiHaulin Nets
154.Kathline KwasmewskiThe Narrows
155.Les GourleyBonne Bay
156.Elizabeth ReynoldsTrees

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