List of Artworks for Spring Auction 2012

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Monday, May 14, 2012 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 1:00 p.m. NDT, Sunday, May 13, 2012

1.Stewart MontgomerieDark Pond
4.Marie BurryGreen Apples
5.artist unknownHarper's Weekly April 5 1884
6.Rodolfo RamosPuerto Vallarta Mexico
7.W. J. Bartlett‘Aylmer (upper Canada)
8.W. J. BartlettPortage des Chats
9.D Petrio(windmill)
10.Florence Pippy(hills and valley)
11A.MonteBallerina I (white dress)
11B.MonteBallerina II (pink)
11C.MonteBallerina III (4 people)
12.artist unknownStreet Car #12
13.artist unknownThe Majestic Theatre
14.J A Winter(outbuildings, river, hills)
15.J E Richards(harbour scene)
16.Sylvia Bendzsa(rocks)
17.Christine KochA Corner of Home
18.Peter Roberts(landscape)
19.Jay P(blue birds)
20.Reginald Shepherd(trees)
21.Penny Wilansky(landscape)
22.Don LaneBritania Random Island
23.Ray FennellyNanuk at Saglek
24.C Vincent(bicycle)
25.Wally Cobb(buildings)
26.Christine KochSpecimens II
27.David BlackwoodErindale College
28.Edward KearleyCabot Tower
29.Les GourleyBasilica of St. John the Baptist
31.J. Mario(man in a rowboat)
32.bookThe Art of Mary Pratt
33.bookHRH Prince of Wales watercolours
34.artist unknown(stained glass - apples)
35.Kevin BrakeChristmas Hideaway
36.Janice UdellOn Avalon
37.Paul ParsonsBread
38.Florence PippyEvening Colors
39.Geoff Clouston(cottage)
41.Coleen Anderson MillardNorthern Lights on the Mountains
42.Glady Grant(lock and chain)
43A.bookHorizons - summer 1966
43B.bookHorizons - autumn 1965
43C.bookHorizons - winter 1967
43D.bookHorizons -winter 1968
44.Richard SteelePhantom Harbour
45.J Way(house with rock wall)
46.Ed Roche(garden)
47.Manny BuchheitNear Rocky Harbour
48.Les GourleyFlyby Southern Shore
49.Elizabeth BurryNight Life in Jelly Bean row
50.Wayne LundriganIceberg St. John's
51.Deb Kirby(Cape Spear)
52.Reginald ShepherdRed Privy
53.RochRue Notre Dame et Place Jaquatier
54.RochNotre Dame de ...
55.W. J. BartlettLake Massawhippy
56.W. J. BartlettVillage Cedaro River St. Lawrence
57.Norman RockwellThe Breakfast Table
58.Janice UdellCharlotte
59.Reginald ShepherdBad Moon Rising
60.Reginald Shepherd(fruit)
61.Julia PickardOn the Way to Marystown
62.G MaurisaucourtHow the Raven Gave Light...
63.L Sorenson(shells in a bowl)
64.H PeuchenchII/9
65.H PeuchenchII/9
66.Carl StevensonPynn's Mill Riverhead ...
67.Mandy Jones(silk)
68.Christopher Pratt(nude)
69.Arthur de Sousa(small sail boat)
70.Arthur de Sousa(boat, wharf, buildings)
71.Emilo(boy on rocking horse)
72.Emilo(girl on trike)
73.Wayne GeorgeHeart's Content Rocks
74.Reginald ShepherdThe Whale #3
75.artist unknown(2 boats tied to wharf)
76.Brendan(vase of roses)
77.David BlackwoodGram Glover's Light
78.Wally BrantsAnglican Church
79.Christopher PrattWinter Moon
80.J. C. RoyTrois Cochons pres de Brageac
81.Jacob KennedyNovember After
82.Reginald ShepherdAll Saints Church South River
83.Reginald ShepherdGrowth #2
84.Deb Kirby296
85.Richard SteeleCanterbury Road
86.Stewart Montgomerie(waterfalls)
87.Ann Meredith BarryWind from the Sea
88.Christopher PrattEaster at My Aunt's
89.Marcus GosseSpirit of Newfoundland
90.Reginald ShepherdQuiet Morning Conception Bay
91.Mary PrattFish on a Red Plate
92.Leona OtteenhimerOld Fella
93.Reginald Shepherd(trees)
94.Reginald ShepherdThe Store
95.Max Udle(railway station)
96.M HancockOverland Limit
97.Ted MillsBowring Park
98.Bob DunfieldThe Spray
99.Donna CloustonRed Cliff
100.Reginald Shepherd(2 men in a dory)
101.Colin FooDogwood Whites
102.Mary PrattRoses
103.Arthur de Sousa(tallship)
104.Arthur de Sousa(tallship)
105.Jacob Kennedy(boats on the water)
106.Julia PickardView from the Studio
107.Clifford George(landscape)
108.Christine Tizzard(pink house)
109.Sheila LynchYellow House
110.Roberta Green(snowy landscape)
111.Kathleen Knowling(abstract)
112.Elizabeth Scammell ReynoldsXmas card
113.artist unknownMap - View of Bonavista
114.John SnowCyprus
115.David BlackwoodGreat Lost Party Adrift
116.Reginald ShepherdCod Jigging
117.Ben HansenSt. Phillips Church
118.Ben HansenThe Battery
119.J ThistleQuidi Vidi Gut
120.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Feather
121.Stewart MontgomerieFogmarsh Brigus
122.Stewart MontgomerieDurrell's Twillingate
123.Reginald ShepherdThe Whale #5
124.Reginald ShepherdThe Fisherman
125.artist unknownSt. Peter's Square
126.Scott GoudieCrow Head
127.J. C. Roy(Garrison Hill)
128.J. C. RoyBaron Street
129.Kay TurnerIrises
130.Jay LangfordApproaching Storm
131.Tish HollandCasting for Caplin
132.Katherine MunroFront Step
133.Katherine MunroComing Home
134.Ben Hansen(footprints in sand)
135.Sheila Grace(bird)
136.Reginald ShepherdNocturne
137.Burno BobakMortello Tower
138.Cynthia NoelAnglican Church
139.artist unknown(tapestry)
140.Ray Hayden(Harbour Grace)
141.Jackie EvansBritney Spaniel Pup
142.Paul ParsonsPastoral
143.Natalie Schmidtova(people scene)
144.Edward Kearley(pumpkin)
145.Edward Kearley(lavender)
146.artist unknownFull Cry Through the Homestead
147.Terry CrawfordIn the Twinkle of an Eye
148.Carla CrawfordJust Between Friends
149.artist unknown(map of NL)
150.artist unknown(map of NL)
151.Don LaneCodroy Valley
152.Don LaneWestern Brook
153.artist unknown(children dancing)
154.artist unknown(floral)
155.Barbara MasseySupreme Court of St. John's
156.artist unknownNF Railway
157.G TracyNF Hotel
158.S Smith(Bulrushes)
159.Martin KersPhotography as Fine Art
160.Monet(tryptych - poster)

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