List of Items for Fall Estate Auction 2011

This is a tentative list of items for the auction to be held Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 11:00 a.m. NST, Tuesday, November 15, 2011

1acrylic Stewart Montgomerie
2monoprint Reginald Shepherd
3copper Haida Wolf - Ghuuts
4tile framed decorative tile
5tile framed decorative tile
6repro (Indian paddling)
7repro Bluenose III
8repro (man woman, and child)
9repro Coming Home
10watercolour (land/water scape)
11watercolour Bullrushes
12watercolour wine
13photo General C Gordon
14oil Floral
15feathers (birds made from feathers)
16watercolour (Chinese letters)
17watercolour (Chinese letters)
18photo Ladybug Bridge
19ink (4 masted schooner)
20watercolour Sunset Topsail Beach
21repro Ship Island
22photo (rock in ocean)
23repro (4 happy people)
24repro (ocean/beach scene)
25watercolour Yoka
26Model - 1941 Plymouth
27Model - F100 Ford Pick up
28Model - Chevy El Camino
29Model - 66 Ford thunderbird
30Model - 1958 Plymouth Belvedere
31Morse radio
32Oriental Figurines
33Oriental Figurines
34Oriental Figurines
35Picture with stand
36Soap stone dragon
37Soap stone planter
38Paperweight - seal
393 window hangings
406 knives 6 forks
414 knives 4 forks + opener
426 knives 6 forks
436 knives
44Chinese decorative plate
45mirror - peacock
46Retro TV
47Oriental wall hanging - boat
48Games - assortment
49Games - assortment
50Games - assortment
51Railroad style clock
52Aladdin oil lamp
53leather bound spyglass
54Antique brass lamp with chimney
55Oriental express lamp
56Cabinet/sideboard - 1940's NY
57mini pinball game and John Bull printing
58Nfld Post Card Series - Anne Healy's
59Antique brass hanging lamps
60Children's drum
61watercolour Debbie Kirby
62watercolour Christina Tizzard
63watercolour Kay Turner
64watercolour J Thistle
65watercolour Jay Langford
66gauche Richard Steele
67gauche Julia Pickard
68monoprint Reginald Shepherd
69monoprint Reginald Shepherd
70monoprint Reginald Shepherd
71etching Scott Goudie
72watercolour Exploits Gold
73Ceramic NL art on easel
74photo Golden Rod - floral
75photo Buttercup - floral
76photo Daisies
77repro Titanic
78photo Lobster
79repro Let It Fall
80photo Black-eyed Susans
81repro Anne of Green Gables House
82repro Full Cry Through Homestead
83pencil Jackie Evans
84repro Alex Colville
85litho Helen Parsons Shepherd
86Wash, Jug and soap dish
87Antique wash stand
88Round Blue mirror prop in the Devine Ryans
89Ginger Bread Clock
90Antique mirror framed in wood
91Limited collector plate
92Limited collector plate
93Limited collector plate
94Spoon Case with spoons
95Slant Top Secretary desk
96packages of valentines - boys and girls
97packages of valentines - boys and girls
98packages of valentines - boys and girls
99Cigar box with matching ashtray
100Ashtrays - assortment
101Ashtrays - assortment
102cigarette lighters - assortment
103cigarette lighters (2)
106Skateboard helmet
107Designer purse - Dayne Taylor
109Donald Duck Lamp
110Pewter wine glasses
111Candy dish - leaf
112glass owl
1134 pieces of art glass
114pewter tankard with ice bucket
115ALF doll
116Coffee set (gold edged)
117Salter scales - platform
118Salter scales - hanging
119Shot glasses and decanter
120office chair (old)
121mixedmedia Running Downtown II
122litho Mouse Island
123watercolour Les Gourley
124watercolour Debbie Kirby
125repro children dancing - Bombay print
126repro large floral Bombay print
127print landscape
128repro pictorial Newfoundland map
129repro Still Autumn
130photo Rhododendrum
131watercolour floral on silk
132repro Historia - Bombay print
133print Long Harbour Memories
134repro Antique Store
135repro Copying the Pans
136etching Scott Goudie
137bookplate NFLD Trout
138repro Fish on Red Plate
139repro Belle of the Isle
140painting on glass - floral (2)
141gouche Julia Pickard
142monoprint Reginald Shepherd
143watercolour Sheila Lynch
144gauche Richard Steele
145watercolour Doug Inkster
146Large beer stein with hinged cover
147Royal Dalton - First Dance
148Plate- Queen Elizabeth II coronation
149Plate - Prince Charles and Princess Diana's first child
150Plate - Home for Christmas
151tapestry - brown and beige
152tapestry - green and black
153Books - antique
154Books - children's
155Books - Newfoundland
156Books - educational
157Books - Newfoundland
1586 cups & saucers, cream and sugar
159ceramic planters (2)
160old bottle
161leaf candy dish
162shaving brush, razor, and cup
163shaving brush, razor, and cup
164shaving brush, razor, and cup
165Mirror and brush
166Antique spectacles and case
167letter openers (2)
168antique bells
169Inuit figure with fish
171electric tea pots (2)
172Canuk pottery vases (2)
174long glass dish
175Ship in a bottle
176leather jacket
177Bedroom set - dresser, hiboy, bed, mirror and chair
1784 chairs (c1920's) and table
180flour barrel (metal)
181repro Lloyd Pretty
182oil Carl Stevenson
183repro Rod Stone
184repro Terry Crawford
185etching Clifford George
186etching Carl Stevenson
187repro Terry Clarke
188repro Coke poster
189Serigraph Reginald Shepherd
190oil on board - Reginald Shepherd
191photo Jack Martin - Western Brook
192repro Tree (on canvas)
193repro Monet - Waterlillies at Giverny
194photo Lane - Codroy Valley
195repro Madden - floral
196repro Sid Butt
197drawing Shades of the Past
198watercolour riverscape
199repro tawny owl
200oil orange farmhouse
201photo Hoopee
202repro WTK
203litho Tish Holland
204photo St. John's Harbour
205repro - Renouf
2062 candle holders and dish
207Jules Pierrier art dish
208fruit bowl
209glass pair
210punch glasses
211lava lamp
212light shades
213Box of sheet music
21419" computer monitor with cable
215needle point - two birds
216Lladro figurine
217Suitcases (2)
218Box of sport bags
222wooden boxes (3 small)
223figurines (2 wood 2 porcelain)
224stained glass (flower, fish and sailboat)
225stained glass (flowers and horse)
226brass codfish ashtray
227set of serviette holders
228set of expresso cups and saucers
229clay jugs (2)
230glass cheese trays
231decorative vase and jug
2323 wine glasses
233silver tea set
234Express/Coffee press/milk frother
235Canadian House of Parliament
236Brass jug
237apple shaped dish
238wall hanging
239Set of trays
240two Oriental scenes (2 sided)

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