List of Artworks for Fall Auction 2011

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Tuesday, September 27, 2011 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 11:00 a.m. NDT, Monday, September 26, 2011

1.Stewart MontgomerieFerryland Head with Lighthouse
2.Sid Butt(man in a pub)
3.ChadLa Maison Krieghoff
4.Paula MacDonald(two dogs with bone)
5.Reginald Shepherd(root cellar)
6.Libby Osmond(puppy asleep)
7.Robert RutherfordTrinity Bay
8.artist unknownGuia
9.Istvan Porubsky(river scene)
10.Rae PerlinAnglican Church Trinity
11.Jo RobinsonDancers I
12.Jo RobinsonDancers II
13.artist unknownCabot Tower
14.H. BrownThe Red House
15.Deborah Kennedy(boats on a slipway)
16.Deborah KennedyMary Janes Store
17.Charlie Falk(iceberg and moon)
18.Brian Hupfeild(dog)
19.RD WilsonLabrador Salmon
20.RD WilsonChannel Head Port aux Basques
21.RD WilsonSt. John's
22.James AlderGrossbill
24.Walter MillerPlayground of the Flounder
25.S. Cullen(government house)
26.S. Cullen(Queen's Road)
27.Rae PerlinVille franche
28.FR LondonEvening Shadows
29.FR LondonMoorland Road
30.Frank P. Maynard(yellow floral)
31.Julia Pickard(houses)
32.Julia PickardMasonic Square
33.Bennett(portrait of a woman)
34.J. M. Ball(two houses with shed)
35.Darcy(native girl)
36.Ian SparkesTill I Return
37.Peter Synder(best in show)
38.Lorna StucklessWater lillies
39.David SilverbergThe Card Player
40.Robert MayWire Fox Terrier
41.artist unknown(floral single flower)
42.artist unknownMarble Mountain
43.Sde BokerCommemoration of those ...
44.Sylvia BendzsaOld St. John's
45.Richard Steele(boy on tricycle with man)
46.Tom MironCabbage Patch
47.E. J. Wareham(mummers)
48.G. TraceyCarter's hill
49.Sister M. Denise Poitiar(farm house and outbuildings)
50.Christopher PrattThe Lynx
51.Rae PerlinMisty Morning
52.Joan ThistleChurch by the Side of the Road ...
53.Reginald Shepherd(boat with shed)
54.Charlie FalkPowell's Cove Happy Adventure
55.James AdlerCross Bill
56.S. Cullen(outport scene)
57.S. CullenFreshwater Road
58.S. CullenThe Narrows #III
59.Randy Blunden(floral with fence)
60.Rae PerlinChurch at Quidi Vidi
61.Rae PerlinSt. John's Harbour View ...
62.Julia Pickard(landscape)
63.Frank P. Maynard(abstract)
64.Frank P. MaynardMarigolds
65.G. AshScene near Cape Race
66.Rae Perlin(still life)
67.Rae Perlin(sketch of figures)
68.Deborah KennedyNear New Gower
69.Deborah KennedyQuidi Vidi Church
70.Deborah KennedyTemperance Street
71.Joan ThistleSignal Hill
72.W. MillerLighthouse Cove
73.Don Sansome(men on a wharf)
74.Art AndrewsHolyrood
75.Art AndrewsWitless Bay Everglades
76.A. J. CassonRiver's Edge
77.Art AndrewsThe Bay
78.Wally BrantsHarbour Grace
79.Wally BrantsFerryland
80.Christopher PrattGaspe Passage
81.J. C. RoyTrois Cochons pres de Brageac
82.J. C. RoyCollinet
83.Reginald ShepherdAll Saints Church South River
84.Reginald ShepherdStarfish #1
85.Brenda McClellen(river and hills)
86.Ron PelleyThe Beginner
87.Gerald Squires(landscape)
88.Gerald Squires(nude man rowing a boat)
89.J. C. RoyBoat Discharging Fish
90.D. P. BrownKitten in Hand
91.Reginald ShepherdInner Harbour Cupids
92.Chris PeetChurch
93.Leona OttenhimerOld Fella
94.Reginald ShepherdSlipway Port au Grave
95.A. Drysdale(blue house)
96.Hubert Brown(oil refinery)
97.Julia Pickard(wavy trees)
98.Mary BrownMacPherson's Barn
99.Ilse HughesSunset Grand Lake Labrador
100.M. WakehamFish Drying
101.ME BrownThe Tea Box
102.E. Wall(NF pasture scene)
103.Julia PickardOn the way to Marystown
104.M. WakehamLittledale from Bowring Park
105.M. WakehamA Summer Morning Bowring Park
107.Julia PickardView from the Studio
108.Clifford GeorgeNew Chelsea
109.W. E. de GarthePeggy's Cove, N. S.
110.Auriel FrabienNotre Dame
111.Kathleen KnowlingChampneys
112.Kathleen KnowlingRose Bouquet
113.Colin McNee(triptych)
114.Gerald SquiresIsland of Corfu Greece
115.John SnowCyprus
116.Joan LedrewLovely Ladies
117.Joan Bown(floral)
118.Richard SteeleYuletide Interlude
119.David Sparks(abstract - mechanical figures)
120.Ed RocheBorealus
121.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Blue Door
122.Stewart MontgomerieFogmarsh Brigus
123.Stewart MontgomerieDurrell's Twillingate
124.Wally BrantsSt. John's - Cochrane Street
125.Wally BrantsPort au Port
126.R. TaylorBottoms Up
127.Scott GoudieCrow Head
128.J. C. Roy(Garrison Hill)
129.J. C. RoyBaron Street
130.Walter MillerFantasy
131.Clifford George(landscape)
132.J. C. RoyFaire aux puces La Rochelle
133.J. C. RoyBlack and White sun in Petty H...
134.Julia Pickard(snow scene)
135.Christopher Pratt10 Cent Black
136.Gerald SquiresHannah Walsh's House Holyrood
137.Reginald ShepherdNocturne
138.Randy Blackwood(river scene)
139.J. C. RoyPinsent Brook
140.Scott GoudieAdlatok Mountain
141.Rae Perlin(still life)
142.Helen DyerThe Battery
143.Paul ParsonsNew Horizons
144.Julia PickardBurin
145.Paul AndrewSolvang California
146.Jon WilkinsonNovember
147.Reginald ShepherdThe Fisherman
148.Chris PeetQueen Anne House
149.Chris PeetQueen's Battery
150.HerbelotParis Moulin Rouge la Nuit
151.Hubert BrownHemmed In
152.Hubert BrownThree Skaters
153.Gerald SquiresFerryland Dog
154.Gerald SquiresGrapnel
155.Carl Stevenson(old man)
156.Barbara MasseyRoyal Courts of Justice
157.WallaceSupreme Court Building Ottawa
158.Barbara MasseySupreme Court of St. John's
159.YokaSiamese Cat
160.Glube(two sailing ships)
161.Emilo(boy on rocking horse)
162.Emilo(girl on trike)
163.Reginald ShepherdOld School House Brigus
164.Frank LaPointeFor Sale
165.Reginald ShepherdThe Crow
166.Burno BobakMortello Tower
167.Stewart MontgomerieLookout
168.artist unknown(Israeli images)
169.artist unknown(floral)
170.Jean BallExploits Gold
171.Alberto SaliettiRed Table
172.Howe D. HigginsWrecks of Wiscasset Maine
173.J. Gale VaillencourtMitts
174.Maude RobertsWater Crashing
175.St. Michael's Print ShopDeck of Cards (framed)
176.Ted Mills(9 historic prints)
177.artist unknown(yacht)
178.Lloyd SchultzNorma & Gladys ...
179.artist unknown(Scademia)
180.artist unknown(dog on a boat)
181.artist unknown(sail boat)
182.artist unknown(man and dog on boat)
183.artist unknown(man in cabin of boat)
184.Delbart DucheinNY Stock Exchange Wall St.
185.Delbart DucheinWall St. Bull
186.BekenSwankers GB

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