List of Artworks for Spring Auction 2011

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Thursday, May 5, 2011 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 1:00 p.m. NDT, Tuesday, May 3, 2011

1.Stewart Montgomerie(landscape)
2.Reginald Shepherd(lake and trees)
3.E CoishStagg Harbour
4.Marcus GosseKeep Newfoundland Alive
5.Les GourleyPetty Harbour
6.C Furey(patio with flowers)
7.E Ryan(European street scene)
8.K Munroe(St. John's harbour)
9.Ben HansenBasic Yellow
10.artist unknownWhale Tails of Newfoundland
11.Istvan Porubjsky(river scene)
12.Gerald SquiresFor a Story Told
13.artist unknown(floral)
14.Henkel(figure sitting)
15.T. H. Shepnerd; J. BlackRegent Street from Piccadilly
16.Robert BatemanSnow Leopard
17a.Arthur de SousaMiddle Cove
17b.Arthur de Sousa(schooner)
18.artist unknown(cat)
19.artist unknownCommemoration of those who
20.Drury(native girl)
21.Val Sanata(houses)
22.Helen Parsons ShepherdBlanche
23.Helen Parsons ShepherdBridge Game
24.artist unknownThe Mote
25.Archie BeaulieuSoftly Howl
26.Wally BrantsFerryland Church
27.Wally BrantsSt. Anthony Church
28.Anne Meredith Barry(land and water scape)
29.Reginald ShepherdApril Snow & Starlings
30.Ian SparkesTill I Return
31.ChamberlianOxussi; Oxum; Oxala
32.George NoseworthySong of the Swan
33.Merptle de MurllesOwl
34.Art AndrewsThe Bay
35.Paul ParsonsIsland Pond
36.Reginald ShepherdInner Harbour Cupids
37.Julia PickardPlacentia Castle Hill
38.ErteVirgo (and 2 books)
39.HB Goodridge(buildings European scene)
40.B Sutherland(winter landscape)
41.Reginald ShepherdSeven Oakes
42a.G TracyEast End Water Street
42b.G TracyBattery and St. John's Harbour
42c.G TracySt. John's Harbour
42d.G TracySt. John's Harbour early 1900's
43.artist unknown(G. M. Story)
44.Gerald Squires(head series)
45.David BlackwoodErindale College
46.Reginald ShepherdThe Crow
47.artist unknown(narrows and schooner)
48.Lemi Ferni(portrait of a lady)
49.artist unknown(urban scene)
50.Christopher PrattBoat and Moon
51.Reginald ShepherdOld School House, Bristol's Hope
52.Christopher PrattVictoria Regina
53.Don LaneCoastline Fog St. John's
54.Reginald ShepherdOil Composition #1
55.Wally Cobb(blue house)
56.Jackie EvansBrittany Spaniel Pup
57.Reginald Shepherd(sailboats)
58.Reginald ShepherdGrounded Berg
59.Reginald ShepherdUncle Ki Mercer's Mill
60a.artist unknown(landscape)
60b.SeuratPeople of River
61.Christopher Pratt1969 Black Stamp
62.Jean Haliburton(native girl)
63.Stewart Montgomerie(landscape)
64.Reginald ShepherdThe Fisherman
65.Reginald ShepherdAll Saints Church South River
66.Reginald ShepherdSpring Ice and Willows
67.A. J. CassonRiver's Edge
68.Wally BrantsHappy Valley Church
69.Wally BrantsEastport Church
70.R HovattiVenzia
71.Marc ChagallThe Jerusalem Windows
72.artist unknown(schooner in iceberg tunnel)
73.Craig LaneJim Morrison portrait
74.David O'Driscoll(two old fishermen)
75.Reginald ShepherdThe Rote (w/ book)
76.Reginald ShepherdTale of a Lonesome House (w/ book)
77.Reginald ShepherdRocks #1
78.Ken DanbyAcapulco
79.Burno BobakMartello Tower
80.Reginald ShepherdStarfish #1
81.Ted Stuckless(old boat and store)
82.Reginald ShepherdThe Raven
83.Danielle Loranger(nude with leaves)
84.Jean Hofman(landscape)
85.John SnowCyprus
86.Reginald Shepherd(lake and landscape)
87.Reginald Shepherd(trees and moon)
88.Donna CloustonIn the Pink
89.Pearce(cabin and mountain)
90.artist unknown(floral with birds)
91.Barbara PrattLady in a Veil
92.Reginald ShepherdEvening Trinity Bay
93.Reginald ShepherdRoot Cellar
94.Frank LapointeFor Sale
95.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Feather
96.Gerald SquiresFerryland Downs
97.Jacob Kennedy(boats)
98.Heidi OberheidePothead Whales Port aux Gaul
99a.artist unknown(2 male Chinese figures)
99b.artist unknown(2 female Chinese figures)
99c.artist unknown(1 male Chinese figure)
100.Jean BallExploits Golds
101.Joan LedrewLovely Ladies
102.Reginald ShepherdHebron
104.Don ParsonsFort Amherst
105.David KaarsemakerHockey Mask
106.Les Gourley(sailing ship)
107.Ron Pelly(man on road)
108.Cynthia NoelSalvage Harbour Newfoundland
109.artist unknown(dyptch - Israeli scene)
110.Peter SnyderBest in Show
111.June FoleyMugg Up; Jiggs Dinner; Sunday
112.CometMessidor II
113.Zuni Shalako(native)
114.Christopher PrattOn Water Street
115.Reginald Shepherd(Labrador Hebron)
116.Sde BokerWalks Early or late in the day
117.Book - David BlackwoodWake of the Great Sealers
118.Barbara MasseyRoyal Courts of Justice
119.WallaceSupreme Court Building Ottawa
120.Reginald ShepherdThe Store
121.D CainesLimbo Springs
122.Alberto SaliettiThe Red Table
123.Jackie Gail VallencourtMitts
125.Howe D. HigginsWrecks of Wiscasset Maine
126.Maude RobertsWater Crashing
127.Gerald Squires(nude man rowing)
128.Terry CrawfordIn the Twinkle of an Eye
129.Melina(Adam and Eve)
130.Ted Mills(yacht in Conception Bay)
131a.artist unknownSt. John's at night
131b.artist unknownSt. John's at day
132.Reginald Shepherd(buildings in cove)
133.Lloyd Pretty(river in winter)
134.Emilio(boy on rocking horse)
135.Emilio(girl on trike)
136.Americo Del ColLegacy
137.Reginald ShepherdEarly Spring, South River
138.Reginald Shepherd(early spring, CBN)
139.artist unknown(floral on glass)
140.artist unknownFull Cry Though the Homestead
141.artist unknown(medieval Italian)
142.artist unknown(boat with bird shadow)
143.Paul Matthias PadauBrothers and Sisters
144.artist unknown(dyptch abstract people)
145.J. TizzardNorma & Gladys
146.Roy Hayden(Harbour Grace)
147.David BlackwoodL'Anse aux Meadows
148.Lloyd Prettythe Marion
149.artist unknown(downtown St. John's)
150.artist unknown(map on poster board)
151.Alex ColvilleMoon & Cow
152.Justin HallSt. John's Fire
153.Les Gourley(gulls on a beach)
154.St. Michael's Print ShopDeck of Cards
155.WC Woodstiniest dog in the world
156.David BlackwoodCape Spear
157.Stewart Montgomerie(landscape)
158.Christopher PrattHolloway School Doors - poster

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