List of Artworks for Fall Auction 2010

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Wednesday, November 24, 2010 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 7:00 a.m. NST, Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1.Stewart MontgomerieLong Pond, NL
2.Reginald ShepherdThe Whale #7
3.Poole(harbour scene)
4.Marcus GosseKeep Newfoundland Alive
5.J. Melindy(outport scene)
6.artist unknownMalta (brc)
7.artist unknownMalta (blc)
8.artist unknownL'Alphabet Hierglyphique
9.Jean Duggan(floral)
10.Sylvia BendzsaChurches of Trinity
11.Istvan Porubjsky(river scene)
12.Hans MelisRainbow Street - St. John's
13.David SilverbergColdas de Rainha
14.Scott GoudieSea Trout Rising, Salmonier River
15.Lloyd Pretty(river in winter)
16.Robert BatemanSnow Leopard
17.Gerry EvansMigration Cycles
18.Diana Dabinett(windsock fish)
19.artist unknown(gondolas in large canal)
20.Buparss(flower garden)
21.Les Gourley(breakwater)
22.Herb ArissManners and Morales 31
23.L. Stephenson(sunflowers)
24.Francis CarbuBarques de peche dons la ...
25.Archie BeaulieuSoftly Howl
26.Lloyd Pretty(winter scene)
27.Frank LapointeWhat do you think of Jack
28.Jim HensenMirrage bed & other ...
29.Reginald ShepherdApril Snow & Starlings
30.Ian SparkesTill I Return
31.G. DavidgeKeels, Newfoundland
32.Torquil ReedEarly Morning West Coast
33.Torquil Reed(horses)
34.Art AndrewsThe Bay
35.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Blue Door
36.Reginald ShepherdQuiet Morning Conception Bay
37.Julia PickardPlacentia Castle Hill
38.ErteVirgo (and 2 books)
39.Sylvia Bendzsa(wooden apple)
40.Janice UdellTo Robert and Tina
41.Torquil ReedDigby
42.Torquil Reed(house at Montebello)
43.NA thy(birch in winter)
44.Reginald ShepherdDispersion #2
45.David BlackwoodErindale College
46.Reginald ShepherdTrees
47.Angela GreeneMorning Patch
48.J C RoySnow Drift at Casey Street
49.Sylvia BendzsaHauled Up New World Island
50.Frank LapointeInspector of Pickled Fish
51.Reginald ShepherdBlue House Old St. John's
52.HokusaiThe Great Wave
53.Don LaneCoastline Fog St. John's
54.Helen Parsons ShepherdHappy Jack's Wash Stand
55.Wally Cobb(street corner - St. John's)
56.Jon WilkinsonMeeting Place
57.Peter Scott(Canadian Geese)
58.Pat BeatonNewfoundland Postcard #2
60a.S. DaliBull Fighter
60b.S. DaliBull Charging
60c.S. DaliRider and Horse
61.Christopher Pratt10 cent stamp
62.Gisela SannRoses from my Garden
63.HB Goodridge(scene from India)
64.Reginald Shepherdabstract
65.Reginald ShepherdBrass rubbing
66.Reginald ShepherdInner Harbour Cupids
67.A. J. CassonRiver's Edge
68.artist unknown(summer and winter scenes)
69.artist unknown(2 scenes 2 people each)
70.Bill RitchieL'Anse aux Meadows
71.Bill RitchieThe Meeting
72.George NoseworthySkiff in Black Tickle Labrador
73.Scott GoudieMasonic Terrace
74.David O'Driscoll(two old fishermen)
75.Archie BeaulieuGoing North - Common Loon
76.Diana Dabinett(silk banner - puffins)
77.Mandy Jones(silk banner)
78.Ken DanbyAcapulco
79.Burno BobakMartello Tower
81.Lillian WhelanSunflowers
82.R. BishopSnowbound Newfoundland
83.Danielle Loranger(nude with leaves)
84.Reginald ShepherdThe Red Privy
85.John SnowCyprus
86.Ymo Pofo(4 old fishermen)
87.Ed RocheResettlement Leaving Home
88.Donna CloustonIn the Pink
89.Jane JarvisOnce upon a time
90.George NoseworthySong of the Swan
91.Barbara PrattLady in a Veil
92.Paul Parsons(boat offshore)
93.Les Gourley(2 fishers in boat)
94.Frank LapointeFor Sale
95.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Feather
96.Bill RitchieGathering
97.Bill Ritchie(Viking with axe)
98.Reginald ShepherdSlipway Port de Grave
99.Wally BrantzIce Bound Oil Slicks
100.Jean BallExploits Golds
101.Joan LedrewLovely Ladies
102.Archie BeaulieuLone Wolf
104.Mandy Jones(floral)
105.Bill Keeping(loon on pond)
106.Les Gourley(sailing ship)
107.Walter ReidHomeward Bound
108.A. Lihrez(riverscape)
109.Tish HollandGull at Bowring Park
110.Peter SnyderBest in Show
111.Christopher NewhookQuinuitug - Deep patience
112.Angela Greene(boat tied up)
113.Angela Greene(floral)
114.artist unknownUnion 20 dollar bill
115.John TennentAvocets Resting
116a.WTK(cows walking)
116b.WTK(cows in field)
116c.WTK(5 cows)
116d.WTK(man with ball)
117.S. DaliSacrament of the Last Supper
118.Sid ButtThe Trawler
119.G. Foleen(landscape)
120.Reginald ShepherdThe Store
121.D. Petrie(windmill and house)
122.Alberto SaliettiThe Red Table
123.Dan HudsonRock in the Atlantic
125.Scott GoudieCloud Mountain
126.Maude Roberts(water crashing)
127.Gerald Squires(nude man rowing)
128.Terry CrawfordIn the Twinkle of an Eye
129.Melina(Adam and Eve)
130.artist unknown(man, woman, and dog)
131.artist unknownRamses II and Nefertiti
132.T. Cook(abstract)
133.Lloyd Pretty(river in winter)
134.Ron Pelly(man on road)
135.Cynthia NoelSalvage Harbour in Summer
136.Americo Del ColLegacy
137.C. TascheCastle of Sand
138.Dan HudsonSun Breaking Through the Clouds
139.artist unknown(floral on glass)
140.artist unknownFull Cry Though the Homestead
141.R. Grossbard(fronts of buildings)
142.Robert Doisnean(two people)
143.Paul Matthias PadauBrothers and Sisters
145.DH Warner(cat)
146.Roy Hayden(Harbour Grace)
147.David BlackwoodL'Anse aux Meadows
148.Lloyd Prettythe Marion
149.Herbert PontigScott's Last Expedition 1910-1920
150.artist unknown(flower pots)
151.Alex ColvilleMoon & Cow
153.Les Gourley(gulls on a beach)
154.Bernard BuffetTete de Clown
155.WC Woodstiniest dog in the world
156.David BlackwoodCape Spear
157.Stewart MontgomerieBig Pond Avalon Peninsula
158.Emilio(boy on rocking horse)
159.Emilio(girl on trike)
160.St. Michael's Print ShopDeck of Cards
161.artist unknownles Peches Irresistantes
162.Jackie EvansBrittany Spaniel Pup
163.Jackie Gale-VaillencourtMitts
164.June FoleyMugg Up; Jiggs Dinner; Sunday
165.Kathy HagmanUnwelcomed Intruder
166.Howe D. HigginsWrecks of Wiscasset Maine

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