List of Artworks for Spring Auction 2010

This is a tentative list of artworks for the auction to be held Thursday, May 13, 2010 at 7 p.m.; Gower Street United Church.
Viewing at 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on sale day.

This list last updated 11:00 a.m. NDT, Thursday, May 13, 2010

1.Stewart MontgomerieLong Pond, NL
2.W. R. MacAskillLake o' Law NS
3.George Georgiev(wood carving)
4.artist unknown(Angela & two children)
6.Katherine MunroSt. John NL & Longs Hill
7.W. Smith(sunflowers)
8.W. WooffAutumn Tints
9.A. Hickey(nude on wharf)
10.M. A. (2 pieces)G is for Gordon, H is for Herb
11.A. Peach(floral)
12.Sir Edward LandseerShoeing the Mare
13.Silver service
14.Spoons, jug, & napkin ring
15.Mink jacket
16.Reginald ShepherdThe Ivan Renee
17.Reginald ShepherdSea Dog #3
18.Reginald ShepherdThe Fisherman
19.Reginald Shepherd(winterscape)
20.Paul Parsons(man & boy at night)
21.E. J. WarehamMummers
22.Christopher PrattLight Northeast
23.artist unknownSunflowers
24.artist unknownDreams
25.artist unknownCat
26.David BlackwoodPublished Biography
27.HB GoodridgePouch Cove
28.Jim HensenMirrage bed & other ...
29.Frank LapointeInspector of pickled fish
30.Harry S(3D wood)
31.Silver plate - knives & forks
32.Silver plate - spoons
33.Silver plate - knives & spoons
34.Odd serving pieces
35.Tea spoons & strainer
36.Teapot, 3 plates, 2 cups
37.Four anniv. pieces & 5 Eur. pieces
38.Two Wedgewood dishes & vase
39.Two Wedgewood vases
40.Wedgewood vase & trinket box
41.Frank LapointeWhat do you think of Jack
42.Reginald ShepherdThe Red Privy
43.Reginald Shepherd(still life - fruit)
44.Reginald ShepherdDispersion #2
45.Reginald ShepherdApril Snow & Starlings
46.Stewart MontgomerieScene on the Irish Loop
47.Stewart MontgomerieCrow Island Ferryland
48.Reginald ShepherdThe Crow
49.Reginald ShepherdQuiet Morning Conception Bay
50.Mary PudlatTraditional Birthing
51.Mary PudlatField of Rabbits
52.Jean BallExploits Gold
53.Howe D. HigginsWrecks of Wiscasset Maine
54.Jackie Gail VaillencourtMitts
55.Christopher PrattEaster at My Aunt's
56.Tish HollandCasting for Caplin
57.Sylvia BendzsaChurch at Portugal Cove
58.David HoddinottCows on Blackmarsh Road
59.Pat BeatonNewfoundland Postcard #2
60.Reginald ShepherdThe Sentinel
61.Reginald ShepherdAll Saints Church South River
62.Reginald Shepherd(windmill)
63.V. Guzzwell(Inuit figure)
64.Joan LeDrewLovely Ladies
65.E. CoishStagg Harbour
66.Les GourleySailing Ship
67.A. J. CassonRiver's Edge
68.Anne Meredith BarryWind from the Sea
69.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Blue Door
70.Bill RitchieL'Anse aux Meadows
71.Bill RitchieThe Meeting
72.artist unknown(handmade textile)
73.Robert BatemanSnow Leopard
74.Archie BeaulieuSoftly Howl
75.Archie BeaulieuGoing North - Common Loon
76.Archie BeaulieuLone Wolf
77.Donna CloustonIn the Pink
78.Ken DanbyAcapulco
79.Reginald ShepherdAn Old Schoolhouse, Bristol's Hope
80.David BlackwoodGram Glover's Light
81.Five pieces English porcelain
82.Rosenthal blue willow plates, etc.
83.Bean pot
84.Silver tray, dish, bell, etc.
85.Two bridge cloths
86.Two lots silver plate
87.Three lots silver plate
88.Three copper & one brass kettle
89.St. Michael's Print ShopDeck of Cards
90.St. Michael's Print ShopDeck of Cards (unopened)
91.Danielle Loranger(girl with gulls)
92.Danielle Loranger(nude with leaves)
93.Art Andrews(picture plant)
94.Stewart MontgomerieFishing Hole - Avalon Wilderness
95.Reginald ShepherdBlue House
96.artist unknownSwearing-in Ceremony
97.Heidi OberheideFigure in Landscape
98.Julia Pickard(person in woods)
99.George NoseworthySong of the Swan
100.artist unknownWoods Candy Store
101.artist unknownW. J. Allison
102.artist unknown(children)
103.artist unknown(children)
104.Mandy Jones(silk banner)
105.Mandy Jones(silk banner)
106.Diana Dabinett(silk banner)
107.Robert GameAvalon Chart
108.Ian Sparkes(Lal Parsons)
109.Ian Sparkes(landscape)
110.Peter Snyderbest in show
111.Reginald ShepherdFlower Study
112.Reginald ShepherdDispersion
113.Barbara Pratt (Wangersky)Lady in a Veil
114.June FoleyJiggs Dinner
115.Frank LapointeFor Sale
116.Helen Parsons ShepherdThe Feather
117.Carl Stevenson(thistles)
118.Lloyd Pretty(water colour)
120.Brown(moose in winter)
121.Brown(red barn)
122.Eleanor WellsCar Slide in Winter
123.G. MontbardSketches Petrie's Point
124.KauavaowSpawning Fish
125.Barbara Pratt (Wangersky)Ballerina
126.Maude Roberts(water crashing)
127.Gerald Squires(nude rowing)
128.artist unknown(floral)
129.artist unknown(floral)
130.Reginald Shepherd(wine glass & rolls)
131.Reginald ShepherdTwine Loft, Cupids
132.Jon Wilkinson(staircase)
133.Phil Simms(abstract)
134.Phil Simms(abstract)
135.Les Gourley(breakwater)
136.Salvador DaliBasket of Bread
137.Conrad FureySetting the Trawl
138.Jackie EvansBrittany Spaniel Pup
139.Stenam(boat tied on bead)
140.artist unknownFull Cry Though the Homestead
141.Sylvia BendzsaSkerwink: Trinity Bay
142.artist unknown(Narrows and Signal Hill)
143.artist unknown(whales and fish)
144.Gerald SquiresRocky Point Stretch
145.Toller CranstonStrawberry Dancer
146.Lloyd Pretty(river in winter)
147.Lloyd Pretty(river in winter)
148.Lloyd Prettythe Marion
149.Lloyd Pretty(owl)
150.artist unknown(white house)
151.Alex ColvilleMoon & Cow
152.Alex ColvilleDog
153.Alex ColvilleHorse on Track
154.Sylvia BendzsaFields of Iris Bell Island
155.Bill RitchieThe Gathering
156.Bill Ritchie(Viking with ax)
157.Glube(two sailing ships)
158.Emilio(boy on rocking horse)
159.Emilio(girl on trike)
160.Lladro figurine
162.Gisela SannRoses from my Garden
163.D. H. WarnerCat
164.A. BrevisFruits
165.Art Andrews(landscape)
166.Roy HaydenHarbour Grace
167.Terrence CrawfordIn the Twinkle of an Eye
168.Lloyd Prettythe Partridge
169.Malina(garden of Eden)
170.artist unknownMy Room with a View
171.Sheilagh HarveyWitless Bay
172.Ben GillardEvening Joys
173.Les Gourley(birds in flight)
174.David O'Driscoll(two old fishermen)
175.Edith Bishop(house & barn in winter)
176.Shirley Van DunsenUnder the Laurier Bridge
177.Gerald ParaghOn the Waterfront Vancouver
178.Cornelius KrieghoffCaughnawaga Indians
179.Cornelius KrieghoffIndian Scouts at Big Rock
180.Cornelius KrieghoffCaughnawaga ... Encampment
181.Jean CencigLes Battures
182.M. Gibbons(two swans)
183.Les Gourley(2 gulls on beach)
184.Paul McCormackDucks and Denali
185.Ben HansenSandy Cove Bonavista Bay
186.artist unknown(landscape with 2 ponds)

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